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Body Conditioning and Personal Training


We have spaces in our Body Conditioning Classes on a Monday and Friday only. Keep those New Year Resolutions and start getting in shape, not just for the summer holidays but for the rest of your life. You have nothing to lose but inches and weight! First class is free.


If you do not like the idea of joining a class then we also offer one to one Personal Training and nutritional advice. This is a great way to learn new exercises and techniques that will serve you well for the future. A Personal trainer will create a tailored training programme to suit your needs, abilities and goals, which a fitness class can’t provide. For example, if you’re goal is to lose weight, your personal trainer would be able to programme your exercise to meet your specific needs and your goal. As there is no one size fits all approach when it comes to achieving fitness goals since everyone responds to training and nutrition differently, a personal trainer will be able to monitor, adapt and progress your plan based on your needs, enabling you to optimise your training and get results faster.

Please contact Steve on reception for more details and a free consultation!


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