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“My daughter has been going to stages most of her life and absolutely loves it, she attends numerous different classes with different teachers. Stages isn’t just a dance school, it’s a family! and not just for dancers and teachers but for parents too, everyone is so friendly and easy to talk to. The students are well cared for and constantly challenged in their dancing whether it be for an exam, a big show or summer school. The adult classes are fab too and a great way to learn something new, meet new people and have fun doing it. My daughter and I would be lost without stages. We love the school and everyone attached to it” Kerry Henderson

“Brilliant dance little girl has been dancing there since she was 2 and she absolutely loves it..lovely teachers” Gemma Routledge

“Stages is not a dance school, it’s a dance family- my son had a few years away from stages and when he came back was welcomed with open arms. Viv not only teaches dancing but also manages personal issues as a family member would- my son comes to lessons sometimes a bit down but exits skipping out with a huge smile on his face- his stages friends mean everything to him and I have huge trust that however my son feels coming to a lesson he will leave on cloud 9” Gillian Macintosh

“Stages is a fantastic dancing school which is totally inclusive every student is important to the teachers whether they are gifted at dancing or are if they just enjoy dance as a hobby , everyone gets a chance to shine. The shows are always a great experience in terms of building confidence and learning teamwork which are great skills for life.The school also supports its students in ventures which are not related to dancing .We have been going for 14 years so we must like it !!!” Julie Bloomfield

“Thank you very much Hermine is very happy with the dance leçon. Staff is very friendly and professional. Merci beaucoup” Isa Marie Pinchon

“Friendly well experienced staff, make all the children feel very comfortable. Would recommend to anyone ☺” Lea Havery

“My daughter loves every minute of her time at Stages. Professionally run by Viv and Steve who work tirelessly for the good of all their students” Richard Mould





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