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Associate Ballet, Jazz & Freestyle

Associate Ballet, Jazz & Freestyle is for students wishing to take professional qualifications to become teachers.

Members of the public, prospective employers and particularly parents who are looking for a teacher for their children, are strongly advised to ascertain the level to which the teacher is qualified.

Qualified dance teachers will normally be able to arrange, through their teachers’ organization, for their pupils to take medal test assessments at an approved location, and to enter competitions that are restricted to medallists.

All dance teachers are justifiably proud of the qualifications that they have obtained after many years of study and they will always be willing to advertise these to prospective students.

The Associate Ballet, Jazz or Associate Freestyle examination is normally the first level of examination recognised as a qualification to teach.

It is worth noting that a qualification only qualifies a teacher to teach in the style in which the qualification was obtained e.g. an Associate Ballet qualification does not qualify one to teach Street Dance. Associate  Freestyle qualification, however, would be acceptable for teaching Street Dance, due to the similarities between the two styles, but would not qualify a teacher to teach Ballroom, Latin American or Sequence.

All qualifications are issued in each style of dance. In addition to these qualifications some teaching organizations also offer Diploma or Degree courses in dance, along with other Government recognized qualifications.

The Associate qualification is recognised internationally throughout the dance teaching world and aims to develop the initial practical teaching skills and knowledge needed to teach dance in a safe environment.

It is also worth noting that these qualifications will attract UCAS points.


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